Monday, 8 February 2016

Ullacombe Farm Shop and Cafe: Review

Ullacombe Farm Shop and Cafe are found on the right hand side going up the hill towards Haytor, Dartmoor from the Bovey Tracey direction.  It can be a really handy place to stop for refreshments either before or after a walk on the moors, and we have found in the past, a useful place to pick up supplies on a Sunday afternoon.  Open 7 days a week from 8:30am - 5pm

A table reservation might not seem essential but on the mid-week lunch time that we were there, a huge party of people were at one long table.

 There is also a cosy lounge area that looked quite tempting.  This has the feel of a Swiss log cabin -  a shelter from the elements on a winter's day, but in the summer there is lots of outdoor seating and the place has quite a different feel.  We've also had breakfast here in the past - of the cooked variety.

 This is a 'pay at till' sort of place (for both farm shop and cafe customers.  But meals are cooked to order.

 This is not an innovative place - it is somewhere to get wholesome food with no huge surprises.  I think the most radical thing was the milk served  in a cute little glass bottle.  The soup was good: smooth and homemade, served with a choice of breads.

 My friend enjoyed her toasted sandwich that was garnished with crisps, salad, coleslaw (yuk, that's just my own personal preference) and a handful of crisps.

We had to wait a little while to pay for goods from the farm shop, but I am guessing the staff were running around with that long table of people that were having lunch.  Apparently, the barn across the yard can be hired out for parties - useful for lots of parking, no neighbours to complain about any noise and good on-site caterers.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Belated Christmas and New Year 2015-2016

This is a bit belated, but never mind.  We had sparklers and an Asda Silver Fountain in our back garden for new year:

This was our tree.  A real tree that had to be watered - as usual.  We placed it in our kitchen this year and it was topped with Woody from This is England for a while and then with Kanye West (would that have anything to do with our teenage son?).  We like to choose something topical as the fairy for the top of the tree and both these men were a good idea.  Oh, I can see that the mince pies made an appearance - they must have been just out of the oven when this photo was taken.

We used white lights.  My husband had to go to Homebase to get another set as ours weren't working - they only have to function once a year.  I also like the multi-coloured ones, but I'm really not keen on those blue ones.

A photo of my father carving the Xmas turkey.  We had a lovely lunch at my parents, near Chagford, cooked by my mother.  All the trimmings and plenty of it.  Just lovely.  And no trouble at all!

I made two batches of mince pies - with one I used my own pastry and shop bought mincemeat and the other I used shop-bought pastry and homemade (by someone else) mincemeat.  They were both good - I think this allayed my fears of pastry a little - I just put all the ingredients in the kitchen blender and then refrigerate for half an hour or so before using, and it was easy and fine - but I know from previous attempts that pastry can be tricky.

Although connossieurs thought the homemade pastry was better - there wasn't a huge difference. I always top mince pies with 'Nigella' stars - they are appreciated more than pie lids, use less pastry and are much less fiddly as they can be 'plonked' on the top rather than carefully sealed and shaped.

The whole festive period was spent in Devon.  I enjoyed many other festive treats, but was too greedy to take any photos of them!