Friday, 21 August 2015

Chagford Show 2015 - A Family Visit

I got to the Chagford Show at about 1215 on Thurs 20 August.  It is set in a beautiful spot, just outside of  Chagford.

I met up with my mum and we went to watch my brother-in-law and his dog (a Hungarian Vizsla) compete in the dog race.  The dog was too well-trained and sped off for 3 metres and then returned to his owner!  There were so many eager dogs, and so many who didn't know what on earth was happening.

I was at the show with my mother and my sister, her husband and her twins, aged 8 and their dog.

I had my lunch from the Caribbean stand, Fancy That.  I had the 'Sweet Beef with rice and peas and coleslaw' for £6.  It was yummy.  The only problem was the lack of seating.  There were about 10 chairs at the neighbouring food outlet (all occupied) so we sat on the ground which my mum and I found tricky.  I noticed there were several people sitting on or leaning against the wall of the field.
 After lunch we saw horses show jumping and harness racing.  We saw giant rabbits, many chicks, flouncy feathered chickens, a coral snake and a tarantula (thanks Dartmoor Reptiles for the last two ).  We also visited the craft marquee and saw many of the stalls.

We all left the show at about 3pm.   Mainly because we all needed to sit down!   Afterwards we had a cream tea at The Birdcage, Chagford.  This cream tea was enormous and very good.  The Birdcage had a stall at the show but our family was put off of it as they were advertising venison sausages - they aren't loved by us.

Overall the show seemed well-organised, with good hi-viz coated marshalls, lots of parking  and there was plenty to do and see.  It had a lovely local feel - many of producers, craftspeople and stalls were local people.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Luscombe Drinks: Organic, Local, Delicious

I have already waxed lyrical about Luscombe Passionate Ginger Beer - their newest offering and absolutely lovely.  A great combination of flavours - and I don't necessarily like things to be 'mucked around'. The passionfruit flavour works really well with the ginger and light fizz.

It was good to revisit these:  Strawberry Crush, Damascene Rose Bubbly (I think I tried this at Exeter Food Festival), Raspberry Crush, Wild Elderflower Bubbly.  They were all good - my children, aged 14 and 15 polished them off as an after-school treat - they loved them.  They had the Strawberry Crush and Raspberry Crush.  They are not a huge fan of fizzy drinks normally - they prefer milk or water - but they really enjoyed these.  I think lots of parents would rather their offspring had these rather than the ubiquitous caffeinated, full-of-sugar alternatives.  Three of the four were organic and they are made in Buckfastleigh I believe - the site of a lovely lunch I had recently!

These are perfect for summer days - I stored them in the fridge and served them with ice.  It is very nice to sit down and sip a Luscombe drink in the garden whilst waiting for dinner to be ready (sorry, that was a dream...).