Sunday, 24 February 2013

Riverford field kitchen- food bloggers' delight!

A fantastic lunch was held on Friday 22 Feb at the Riverford Field Kitchen, near buckfastleigh. We were supposed to go for a trip around the farm first but

a) it was too cold
b) we arrived bit too late so we sat and had a hot drink

Marcus woodsmoke kindly gave me a lift and seemed to be of same opinion.

The food was superb. Great quality and as well cooked as you would dream of. The company was excellent. Lots of food bloggers to natter with
country woodsmoke 
and hungryhinny  plus Guy Watson who owns the farm, two PR girls from Riverford who were really nice plus partners of Choclette and frugal queen . A lovely trestle table full of good food and fine foodie conversations.

The menu - using the best produce from the farm - so fresh and local - cooked just minutes before we ate.

The tables laid up before we embarked!

Our beautiful table.
Some good inspiration to browse

The amazing sticky toffee pudding with homemade custard.  Delicious (and no supper for me!)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hoorags - 'Trendy' Bandanas

Is a bandana ever trendy for a cancer sufferer?  Not sure about that but this Winter Willow one that is $14.95 from Hoo Rags is pretty good.

They sent it to me to review and as a Xmas present and I was delighted.  I wear a variety of bandanas from the Force Cancer Centre in Exeter, UK which are only about £3 each.  They are thinner in material and width than the Hoo Rag but serve the same purpose.  Keep my baldy head from view and keep me warm from this bitter English winter.

 You can also twist them, wear them as a snood, scarf, topknot, beanie...but I prefer to just wear as a simple hat...

Overall, a nice design, keeps me warm (maybe) trendy.  It's a tricky time, all gifts are good!

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