Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Chocolate Hedgehog Cake for Son's 10th Birthday Party

I have a book full of inspiring cake designs.  Each year I hand it to my two children just before their birthday.   One day I hope they'll ask for the Sandcastle cake that's coated in realistic looking crushed Digestive biscuits.   They look through every single one and then ask for the Chocolate Hedgehog Cake.   Again.

I suppose I should be flattered, but I don't get any better at them and each time they come out looking highly comical and COATED in chocolate buttercream and Cadbury's Flakes.  I baked the sponges in two sizes of pudding basins - they took ages to cook, but were actually pretty good sponges.  OK, so hedgehog, porcupine, possum?  What is he?  Funny looking critter.  And a blurred picture.

Recently found a hilarious Jane Asher cake book with some truly weird cakes - a cake that looks exactly like a cabbage.

One that has been intricately carved to look like a bowl of Cornflakes with milk. (No one has been stupid enough to make that so I can't steal a picture of that one - but just try imagining a bowl of cornflakes.  As a cake.) I'm simply not trying hard enough.  As I'm sure Jane would say, 'Hedgehog, Shmedghog'

And this is what he should have looked like:

Can you spot the difference?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Real Food Store, Exeter - Best Brownies in the World!

The Real Food Store, Exeter, opened on Wednesday for the first time.  I visited yesterday and was hugely impressed - great cafe on the first floor, smiling enthusiastic staff, amazing food and overall a wonderful experience.

No pictures of the brownies as we snaffled them so quickly but they were independently voted in a blind tasting by four people to be the Best Brownies Ever! Really very chocolately indeed - just right level of moist interior and slightly crispy exterior and wonderful texture - and no nuts - even better in my opinion.

These were some of the other goodies I bought (obviously on a health, I just knew my Riverford veg box would be arriving the next day...) Handmade chocs from Teignmouth, Teonie's giant and tiny cookies Love the shape of the white loaf.  I added the pastrami, cheese and cornichons to the sourdough roll.  Makes it look a bit 70s.

Real Food Store is just down from Sofa Workshop, near the bus station, opposite the entrance to the Underground Passages.

Go, eat brownies, enjoy!

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