Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Shaldon Coffee Rush Cafe, Devon

Shaldon Coffee Rush is in the quaint, yes I use the word unashamedly, fishing village of Shaldon (good pubs, pleasant enough beach, lovely clifftop walks, crab fishing, a couple of local shops, a pitch and putt golf course and a Wildlife Trust mini zoo with rare species).  You can easily spend a day or two in this place.

The cafe is beautifully painted with soothing colours, it (sometimes) has free parking outside, it has friendly, welcoming staff, a buzzing atmosphere with plenty of locals popping in, appealing food and is just everything you would want in a cafe.  A great place to meet a friend and have a catch-up.

 They allow dogs in the back room (two comfy sofas with magazines) which isn't great for me as I'm really allergic to them, so I've learnt to sit at the front of the cafe which is lighter and airier anyway.

My biggest thumbs up is for their tea: real tea leaves in one of those clever teapots that doesn't require a tea strainer.  They managed to serve it with fresh slices of lemon - just the thing for Earl Grey.  We resisted the cakes, but the fresh croissants and Danish pastries looked superb.  This cafe has the feel of a proper village cafe for locals and visitors alike.  We heart Shaldon Coffee Rush - and we're not the only ones - they were Runners Up in 2009 Devon Life (magazine) Best Devon Coffee Shop!

Am I ever going to write a negative review of a cafe?  I have realised that my blog postings, up until now, have been entirely upbeat, and positively glowing recommendations and yet, I pride myself on my honesty and independence.  The problem being that I'm not really tempted to go into cafes that look overly fusty, musty or serving tired old pre-packed, factory-prepared food.  And usually these first impressions from the outside, the decor, menu, the look and feel of the place - the customer's gut instinct are usually proven to be right.

My  negative feedback about a local cafe will be directed at Global Aroma in Teignmouth.  This is a singularly uninspiring place.  Radio music in the background, uncomfortable seats, unattractive lighting and decor, a really substandard toilet and food that it is unappealing and unimaginative.  I won't be going back there.  There, I have made a negative comment.  I feel a bit uncomfortable about doing it, but hey, it's just one person's feeling.  There are often plenty of people in that cafe, so others must disagree with me.


Lynn said...

I love Cafe's and Tea Rooms, and always the first impression for me is the exterior. If it looks appealing on the outside, it will be appealing on the inside. The next thing I look for is what's on offer,is it really home made. Even bought in can be good if it's made from a good local homemade source.If it fit's the bill then I'll have a cake with my coffee.
I recently went to an East Yorkshire, seaside resort, where, in a Bar and Diner,I can honestly say I had the worst filter coffee in my life.This said to me that if they cannot get the coffee right, then the food is no good either.

Angie said...

They do say that the measure of a cafe or restaurant or pub is whether or not the locals eat there.

Choclette said...

Cafes that look overly fusty, musty or serving tired old pre-packed, factory-prepared food are best avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, there are far too many of them in my experience. Writing a guide to good tea shops in the South West is on my list and we haven't found many yet that would appear in it. It's OK to feel awkward about giving negative feedback about the ones that don't come up to scratch, but unless this happens, how can we trust reviews?

Anonymous said...

Shaldon was quaint but bleak yesterday, but there are always lovely views across the estuary. We visited Coffee Rush at lunchtime although we didnt try the coffee or the tea. Wanting a light lunch we had paninis and juice. The service was friendly and the food good if not outstanding. I cant help feeling that something could be done to enliven the paninis and a bit of salad is not enough. I once knew a cafe in Oxford that gave tortilla chips with sandwiches and it somehow raised the feeling of the, already very good, food. What do you think?

Grazing Kate said...

I totally agree, Philip. I think they need to up their game. A couple of weeks ago they served tea bags instead of tea leaves which I was really disappointed with, especially as I choose to go there to get real tea. And a tiny slice of cake was 2.95 to take away!! The lunch panini are a bit unimaginative and need revamping. They are also about to face stiff competition of three new cases opening on the village so I hope they heed our advice. Take a look at the peppercorn cafe, perranuthnoe for an amazing cafe experience. Innovative, good value and great friendly vibe

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