Monday, 3 October 2011

Penge Punch, First of the Month

It's true: I rarely leave Devon and Cornwall.  But for the hottest day of the year, with everyone heading for a bonus day on the beach, I ended up travelling to South London. Craziness.  What a good time I had .  A superb party held to celebrate my dear friends, J and L's 40ths.  J had invented two new cocktails, Penge Punch (in honour of the venue) which was lethal - a stronger version of Long Island Iced Tea (including laminated instruction sheets for novices on how to concoct the tipple - he is so anal organised).

There was also a totally delicious Southern Sangria (Spanish red, lemonade, a healthy dash of fresh lemon and lime juice and tons of ice and fruit).

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.  Hawaiian shirts, fairy lights, paper flowers, cocktail dresses, posh kebab canapes.  I spent a manic hour in the kitchen assisting these two strapping lads and generally dropping things on the floor.

A really great idea.  Wraps containing pre-bbqed meat, veges and condiments had been prepped the day before and our job was to bake them for 15 minutes and then slice them into 2cm slices and serve on trays as kebab canapes.  They were hungrily snapped up.

Later we moved on to genuine live opera singing (M and L were astonishing), a put-together-at-last-minute-band and then dancing, Shisha pipes with apple tobacco and fire baskets in the garden.

And after just a couple of hours sleep (there were about eight kids in the house) we were up and at 'em again.  I'd bought long some fab bacon from Borough Market (my first time at BM - WOW, what a change from Devon farmers' markets) from Sillfield Farm and we cooked up bagels,bacon and more pitchers of Southern Sangria in the sun.  

Finished off with some perfect hangover food made by the resident starlet, H, chocolate dipped peppermint creams.


Penge Punch Yeehah

Like a cross between long island iced tea and mojito.  Kicks a fair punch

Quanitity makes a large pitcher

300 ml  cointreau
300ml vodka, 
300ml tequila
300ml dark rum and 
300ml white rum
125ml sugar syrup infused with mint
1 litre of Coca Cola
125ml freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice
Loads of ice



Countrywoodsmoke said...

So you made it to Borough Market then Kate, what did you think? need to get myself up there again soon.

Grazing Kate said...

Yes, Borough Market was amazing. SO busy compared to Devon and selling such different things. I loved the diversity, the freshness and quality. I'm so used to going to Farmer's Markets selling things just from a local 10-20 mile radius that I found it fascinating to see so many products (direct from the prodcuer) that I had never seen e.g. Welsh cheese, Yorkshire bacon, Isle of Wight sundried tomatoes and lots of posh chocolate.

It was a boiling hot day, and I spent a lot of my time buying drinks rather than food, but I found it inspiring. I like to 'buy local', but that should extend to me trying what the rest of the British Isles has to offer and not just my little region of South Devon!

I loved the look of the grilled meats and giant paella they were serving outside for lunch alongside Pimms (yep - October) but there were queues and I opted for a quick porchetta and rocket panino from a friendly Italian under the arches.

I did have a momentary daydream of living in London and being able to buy all this super food every week....but we know that's not going to happen.

What have you bought at Borough market and what do you find good about it?

Countrywoodsmoke said...

Only been there once a few years ago, and bought some beautiful sourdough loaves, and spanish produce, and some lovely wild mushrooms.
I also watched arthur potts-dawson cook for market kitchen, it is a very inspiring sort of place, but then I also think living in this wonderful county of ours is even more inspiring.

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