Monday, 27 February 2012

Devon's Healthier Alternative to Olive Oil: Bell & Loxton Rapeseed Oil

I tried to buy a bottle of this Bell & Loxton Rapeseed Oil a couple of weeks ago at Darts Farm, and they were out of stock, so it was just good luck that I happened to meet the growers at a Taste Buds Magazine event a few days later at Twenty Six cafe.  John and Rachel Bell, the producers, are a lovely couple and seem to be passionate about their oil.  They were kind enough to send me a sample to try out.  I warned them that I only tend to blog about things that I genuinely use and like - I'm not in the blogging business to be cynical or untruthful....they were confident enough that I would be won over.
The oil can be bought in glass or aluminium bottles.  The metal ones are rather stylish with a beautiful graphic design on the label.  The gold detail of the label really evokes the glow of the bright yellow crops in the summer.  I'm happier to keep this on the kitchen work surface than my rather boring plastic bottle of Tesco Olive Oil. And interestingly this is where the Bells are pitching their product.  This is a Devon-grown cold-pressed oil that is comparable to a good olive oil, but wait for this, with even more of the right Omega 3,6 and 9 and half the saturated fat of olive oil.

I straight away dipped some sour dough bread in to the oil.  It wasn't overly strong tasting but had a faint nuttiness and sweetness.  Although I'm a die hard butter user for toast, I tend to drizzle olive oil on sandwiches as I feel that butter is wasted in a sandwich.  So, overnight this oil has become my new 'healthy' butter.

It's also good for frying and roasting - the smoking point must be high enough as it coped really well with a delicious (modified from Jamie) tray bake of salmon and 'what ever veg I had in the fridge and freezer'.  I'm not sure if it was the natural sugars from the peas or the cooked lemon zest, but there was a definite overall light sweetness to the finished dish that we all enjoyed. Photo shows it prior to going in the oven.
It's getting to the point where we can almost stock our entire basic kitchen store cupboard with Devon produce.  I wish John and Rachel the best of luck with their top notch Devon product which certainly won me over, and I look forward to trying the new additions to the range later in the year.

Stocked locally at Shaldon Bakery, Powderham Country Store, Ullacombe Farm Shop , Devon branches of Waitrose and at least forty other locations.


Liz said...

This is really interesting Kate, I converted to cold pressed rape seed oil last year for everything except where the taste of olive oil is essential. I use 'Oil of Aldborough' which is made and pressed in Yorkshire and I buy that when I visit my Mum. I love the colour and the nutty flavour, the smoking point is lower than olive oil so I find it browns things really well. So I will definitely try this, I do like the recyclable bottle idea too which the one I use doesn't do. Thanks for the info!

Grazing Kate said...

Hi Liz
I used it for the first time as a dressing for lunch today with some smoked mackerel salad - it was amazingly yellow, buttery and quite rich tasting - it was a nice change from my usual olive or walnut oil.

Not sure they're selling it anywhere in Cornwall yet, but they do mail order and plenty of Devon stockists!

Mandy F said...

Oh it's so good to hear about some good local produce and healthy too! I've been pondering rapeseed oil for a while (usually use olive, walnut, advocado & coconut!) so I will definitely try this one out...easy to spot such a pretty bottle too.

Grazing Kate said...

did you see them at Moretonhampstead food festival complete with a mini oil pressing machine? It had us all fascinated. They feed the by-product to the farm animals.

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