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Friday, 30 March 2012

Foodie Penpals - The UK Version - My Scrummy Parcel

I heard through the blogging grapevine that Rock Salt was arranging a Foodie Penpals scheme, based on the idea of the US blogger The Lean Green Bean .

Each person is allocated a penpal and sends them a parcel of food based items to the value of about £10 and you get sent one from someone else.

My parcel randomly and bizarrely came from Chilli and Chai.  Now I have to declare an interest....Chilli and Chai is a Devon mate of mine anyway so I felt secretly pleased that she would know the kind of stuff I liked and my hopes were certainly fulfilled.

 What a whole heap of wickedly interesting, quirky and cool food from Devon and beyond she had amassed:

A pat of smoked goats milk butter, goats milk from Pitmans Farm, smoked by Country Wood Smoke

Homemade oatcakes (using the goats butter) - these were fantastic and I was really touched that she had made me something - and a combination of three different Devon foodies' creative endeavours.

Montezuma's chocolate - two bars!

A carton of totally weird soya milk stuff that looks like Ribena but obviously isn't,

Thai soup paste - that'll definitely come in handy

and probably my joint favourite (with the oatcakes) a jar of Bacon Jam - after reading Eat Like a Girl's recipe, I have been very keen to try some of this.

Plus a heap of wild garlic

and to fulfil her 'chilli and chai' legacy:

Some sachets of Pukka Chai tea (ones I hadn't tried before - hoorah)
Some mega scary 1 million scoville chillis - bit worried about them - will I just need one square millimetre for an entire curry?

What an amazing parcel of very thoughtful produce.  Thanks, to my lovely foodie penpal!

I sent this parcel of stuff to Cider with Sophie - I hope she liked it.  I enjoyed putting it together with some of my homemade chutney, lemon curd, muffins, my own blend of Ras-al-hanout spice blend, Lahloo tea, Devon fruit leather, a vinegar 'starter' and other random stuff.

This scheme is becoming a regular event, so go here if you fancy taking part, (whether you have a blog or not) and please leave a comment if you also received a parcel so I can visit and take a look.


Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

love that she sent wild garlic!! that's awesome!

Carol Anne @ Rock Salt said...

A great parcel! I didn't realise you knew each other until after I did the swap; this month I'm going to try and mix the locations up more but how great that you could have your parcel hand delivered :) Looking forward to hearing how the weird soy milk drink is.

Choclette said...

Now what a fun parcel to receive. The smoked butter sounds interesting and how lovely that you got some biscuits made out of it too. I think the only thing I've tried in that lot, other than the ramsones is the pukka green chai tea - oh - and perhaps the chocolate!

Grazing Kate said...

@Lindsay - thanks for stopping by, you must have so many lovely parcels to view. Yes the wild garlic has been great shredded on to pizzas and with some creamy potatoes.

@Carol Anne - thanks once again for arranging the whole thing. I will take part again in the coming months - not next month as I haven't got my act together but soon. It was so funny that I knew my donor - but it was very nice too.

@Choclette - you should take part - anyone would be happy to receive some of your choccy delights! Not sure what you meant by 'ramsones' - aha, it's wild garlic - I haven't heard that word before.

CountryWoodSmoke said...

Love it that you got to try some of my smoked butter too. What a lovely package you recieved.
Such a fun thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :) …