Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hoorags - 'Trendy' Bandanas

Is a bandana ever trendy for a cancer sufferer?  Not sure about that but this Winter Willow one that is $14.95 from Hoo Rags is pretty good.

They sent it to me to review and as a Xmas present and I was delighted.  I wear a variety of bandanas from the Force Cancer Centre in Exeter, UK which are only about £3 each.  They are thinner in material and width than the Hoo Rag but serve the same purpose.  Keep my baldy head from view and keep me warm from this bitter English winter.

 You can also twist them, wear them as a snood, scarf, topknot, beanie...but I prefer to just wear as a simple hat...

Overall, a nice design, keeps me warm (maybe) trendy.  It's a tricky time, all gifts are good!


Brittanygirl said...

I've just found your blog and am sorry to hear about your health problems. I have a very close friend who has just been diagnosed with secondaries in her brain - she seems to be coping with it better than I am with the idea of it - being brave seems to accompany the condition.

The Archie's Loft pizza looks very good. I live in Brittany now but my children are in Cornwall and I visit a minimum of twice a year - looks as if Coverack is worth the trip.

Good wishes for the future, I shall return to your blog again.


Grazing Kate said...

Hi Sandra

Thanks for leaving a comment. Lucky you to spend your time between Brittany and Cornwall, we have actually always thought they were quite similar in attitude, food lifestyle, landscape etc etc.

The lizard is a lovely part of Cornwall And we visit at least three times a year. A great place to walk, eat, relax and be in a not too busy place. Highly recommended.

Thank you for your kind comments. I don't think we are visiting. Bretagne this year but we might pop in some time!


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