Thursday, 11 July 2013

Devon Cafe Review: Ruby, Exeter - Fab venue and burgers

After a quick stroll around the RAMM, Exeter (a fantastic free museum) we had an almighty lunch in Ruby, located on the corner next to Northernhay Gardens and in the old Effings cafe.  Also it is conveniently close to Central station and the rest of central Exeter.

The place is named after the local Ruby breed of cows of Devon and is fabulously decorated as a 'modern diner'.  Red leatherette booths, high chairs for takeaways and an upstairs galleried seating area. 1950s music playing and a checked floor.

The manager couldn't have done more for us.  He was so cheerful and on-the-ball.  He explained that Ruby is not a chain (it sort of looks like one, perhaps as it is so professionally branded) and they have taken the best elements of burger joints that they admire particularly ones from London and the environs.  So locally sourced food where possible (the buns are from Emma's bakery in Exeter, the meat is from Devon) which tastes mighty fine.  An updated 50s diner for year 2013 in a hugely spacious room.

 I love the black and white retro menu.  Apparently the waffles and the shakes are amazing but we had no space for them as we overdid the savoury course:

 We chose the 'Sliders' which is a course for £15 of three mini burgers of choice (we each chose a pork, a beef and a vegetarian one) plus two side orders.  This is for hungry people!

The battered red onion rings were astounding as were the 'proper chips', and my partner loved the potato salad and the purple coleslaw.  There was nothing wrong with the 'poppers' (deep fried green peppers stuffed with cream cheese) but they beat us!  The burgers were all great - vegetarians will not be disappointed with the 'Faloumi' Burger (unless they have very small mouths - the burger is very tall) and I think although it was a close run thing, the Classic beefburger was slightly better than the pulled pork.  They were both lovely.
My partner couldn't eat all the sides (after eating five burgers...) so they provided a take away box for the leftover cold salads.  If I recommended Ruby to anyone (and I would certainly), I would advise the waiter service (it's more comfortable and less of a faff than the DIY version) and try the Classic burger with 'proper chips' and a shared waffle or shake.  Apparently the alcoholic shakes ('Hardshakes') are a big hit too.

We went there again in early December 2013 as regular customers and it was brilliant again.  The excellent 'summer' potato salad is replaced by Sweet Potato Wedges temporarily, but that was the main difference.

We were guests of Ruby, but I was free to write a critical review of my choice 


spoonofmilk said...

Good review... but it has to be the Ruby Burger when eating in Ruby! Their own Ruby sauce is great! :)

Grazing Kate said...

aha, but I hate mayonnaise so the Ruby sauce is a no-no for me unfortunately!

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