Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review: Edward Scissorhands, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

The Theatre Royal, Plymouth is showing a brand new dance version of Edward Scissorhands directed and choreographed by the acclaimed Matthew Bourne, performed by the New Adventures troupe It is a dance, stage version of the Tim Burton film.

I took my 14 and 13 year olds along.  We sat in the stalls and really enjoyed the whole performance.  The direction, dancing, costumes, special effects were all fabulous and I would really recommend it to anyone from age 8.

Edward Scissorhands himself was a great character and the dancing made sense.  There was no dialogue but so much was conveyed by the choreography that words were not needed.  The moments where Edward danced with Kim were moving and well paced.  I should also mention the music - it was the original Danny Elfman score and it was magnificent.  Not played live, but through speakers and it sounded great.
My children really liked the costumes especially the 'topiary' ones.

The dance pieces where many couples danced together were well put together and gave a stunning visual effect.  There was a lot going on at all times and there was a standing ovation at the end.  The audience and the performers seemed to enjoy it all.

I won't give anything away, but this performance might make sense for a Christmas / winter treat.  It is going to be at 12 further venues after Plymouth.  I highly recommend it.

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