Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Teignmouth Seafood House: Finest Crab, Scallops, Lobster...

It’s worth seeking out the tiny shed that is the Seafood House (newly opened Summer 2010) for the freshest, tastiest seafood in South Devon.

The small stable door, crab tank and chairs and table are between the Newquay Inn and the Ship Inn near the Back Beach and harbour.

They freshly catch and pick the crab to order (we only had one tiny piece of shell in 500g crabmeat which is quite impressive) and together with Nigella’s Forever Summer, I made a damn tasty Crab Linguine: white and brown crabmeat,  a squidge of garlic, some sea salt, a chopped red chilli, some grated lemon zest and juice, plenty of Extra Virgin olive oil and some chopped watercress or rocket, plus a heap of pasta.

Fresh crabmeat is the essence of summer food in Devon.  There are some fishmongers that pasteurise their crabmeat so that it extends the shelf life.  The stuff they sell here is so fresh and sells out so quickly they don't need to!

Place your orders on 07919 566630, or risk turning up Weds – Sun 10-ish till 4-ish.

I shall be trying their hand-dived scallops (95p each) and lobster (£4.50 / pot) on Friday and will report back.


Northern Snippet said...

That looks just the type of place we like to visit.Planning a trip to Cornwall/Devon early next year,so looking forward to checking your recs.

Grazing Kate said...

we had some more of their scallops and crab yesterday and even visited their storage tanks to see the impressive collection of crustaceans. No shell at all in this tub of crabmeat. The scallops were fabulous, and I've decided that I prefer crab to lobster. Crab is flakier and tastier - the lobster was good as a novelty, but crab has more flavour and is more versatile.

NS: Good idea to come early in the year - it does get pretty busy here during the school summer hols that makes everything a bit more of a hassle to do. Let me know where you're going and I might be able to give you some personal recs!

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