Friday, 1 October 2010

Freeze Garden Herbs Now!

It's time to freeze our green herbs - this is our tea tray covered in a veritable mountain of flat leaf parsley from the garden.  I consulted my herb book which says that green herbs such as parsley, chives, basil, dill and coriander can all be frozen directly in freezer bags without any preparation like blanching or chopping.  Ideal.

I'm aware that frosts are around the corner so these herbs have a death sentence on them at the moment.  So quick, if you have any lovely, lush green herbs in your window box / veg patch, get them in the freezer for use over the cooler months.

My book recommends to freeze them in small batches in freezer bags and then place them in a larger box to prevent crushing.  It'll be interesting to see how intact they are when I use them from frozen, or whether they go khaki and mushy.


Angie said...

Khaki and mushy is my bet but I'm going to try it anyway

Angie said...

I suppose they'll be ok for chopping from frozen and using in cooking but I wouldn't fancy their chances as garnish

Northern Snippet said...

Thanks for the reminder,I was just thinking we're due some frost soon.Rosemary freezes fantastically but had no idea 'soft' herbs would be successful.Better get harvesting!

Northern Snippet said...
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Grazing Kate said...

NS: We don't need to freeze rosemary as it just keeps going all winter long.

Angie: You're dead right - I think they'll be fine for added flavour but won't be looking so pretty. I checked on them in the freezer this morning - they're bright green and brittle. but haven't needed to use them yet.

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