Thursday, 11 November 2010

Scones for Crohn's - Fundraising for Crohn's and Colitis UK

I have been a supporter of the Crohn's and Colitis UK charity for many years and wanted to help in their 30 year anniversary fund raising drive.  In the advent of other such fund raising titles as 'Jeans for Genes', we decided that 'Scones for Crohn's' had a good ring about it!  I held a tea party for my friends and their kids and asked for donations in return for a feast of home made cakes and cups of tea.  It was a lovely afternoon and we raised £40.  Thank you to everyone who donated!  NB Cakes were made with goose eggs from Tibbs the grocers.

My daughter and her friends wanted to do something themselves, and after a month's planning and a busy weekend of baking, they held a fantastic cake sale at our front door on a Sunday morning (thought we would catch the people on their way to and from church and getting the Sunday papers!).  Passers-by were very generous and the girls did a great job of telling them about the charity and how they baked their wares.  They took an amazing £50 in one hour and sold nearly everything.  Nearly everything, because these girls were hungry by this stage and rewarded themselves with a bit of a cake-fest and wolfed down as many of the remainder as they could!


Northern Snippet said...

The girls look great how fantastic they wanted to get involved.I suffer from Coeliac disease and have a family friend with Crohns very worthy cause indeed.
Glad to see you're still using the goose eggs!

Anonymous said...

They look awesome!, I need help with my Baking lol fail on Cupcakes :( feel like taking a amateur baker under your wing :P. said...

Love the idea of Crohn's and Scones! I actually have some scones recipes that many folks with Crohn's (and related illnesses) love. Here's a link to my Cherry scones:

Hopefully we'll get to Devon sometime because the food alone sounds wonderful!


Grazing Kate said...

NS - oh, Coeliac must be really difficult - hope you still manage to eat cake somehow.

Matthew - you need to just keep making them over and over. Start with Victoria Sandwich using the Hugh'weighing the eggs' philosophy.

Weigh 4 eggs and use that amount of softened butter, SR flour and caster sugar. Then that VS recipe can be used (and tinkered with here and there) in cupcakes, upside down puddings, syrup sponge puddings, sticky toffee etc etc! Only limit is your imagination (and healthy-eating conscience!)

CB - love your name and have just looked at your blog and love that too - lovely recipes and great photos - haven't worked out yet your geographical location! Devon has become a bit of a 'quality local food' hotspot (deservedly so)

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