Friday, 25 March 2011

Real Food Store, Exeter - Opening 30 March

It's about half an hour away from me, so not entirely local, but I'm very excited on behalf of the residents of Exeter for the opening of this new food emporium next Wednesday (30 March) at 8am.  I even like the early opening time, proving it's a proper bakery!  They'll have an in-house bakery run by Emma's Bread, a cafe and a shop selling plenty of fresh, locally-sourced, organic and ethical food and drink.

It's a community-based scheme that originated from a group of motivated Transition Exeter individuals who wanted an ethical, community-focused food hub.  It was funded by selling community shares.  There'll even be a community meeting space.

I can't wait to visit - I might even try to get there for the opening day on Wednesday when there's bound to be a bit of a buzz.  Congratulations to them for getting this off the ground!

It's in Paris St, near the Bus Station at the Princesshay end of town. 


Choclette said...

That sounds brilliant. So wish we'd had enough energy in our Transition group to do something interesting like this even if it was on a much smaller scale. Will have to visit next time I'm in Exeter in 5 years time ;-)

Grazing Kate said...

I know, it's so impressive that they managed to sustain their involvement and passion and actually create an enterprise like this - right in the heart of a city too.

Much respect to the Exeter Transition folk (and all the others who were inevitably involved too.)

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