Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Day of Baking - For My Dad's Birthday

Sunday tea has been a tradition in our family since I was a child.  We used to go to my grandparents’ house in  Portishead (near Bristol) every single Sunday with all the aunties and cousins and feast on sandwiches, jam tarts, trifle and usually two or three types of cake.  Grandpa always used to smear the beef dripping from lunch (which had only been eaten four hours previously) over his bread.  We no longer have the time or the waistline to do that every week, but now and then we like to indulge. So when we invite people to Sunday tea – it’s not just a cuppa and a biscuit, it’s a full –on calorie fest.

I started in the morning at 8am by making soda bread for breakfast.  Smeared really warm with fridge-cold butter and homemade jam there's no better start to a Sunday.

My daughter, Giggling Wombat, and I like nothing more than an excuse for a whole day in the kitchen baking up sweet treats.  She is twelve and loves cooking....as long as it's something sugary and baked.  She's not quite so keen to make a regular week night dinner - I wonder why.

It was my Dad's birthday and we started off just making a cake....which turned into quite a few other things too.  The overall effect was a little bit beige - not sure why everything we made was so brown, just happened to be what we fancied making

Clotted Cream cake, treacle tart and Cornish fairings from the ‘Great British Bake Off’ book (thanks Libby for the great present!)

And there were two types of sausage roll (the ones with green tomato chutney were excellent), cheese straws, sandwiches (cucumber, marmite, ham), Cornish fairings

It was a great way to celebrate my lovely Dad’s birthday.


Choclette said...

A lovely way to celebrate your dad's birthday - no beef dripping though I noted! Hope it goes well tonight.

Grazing Kate said...

yes, I have to say that beef dripping doesn't really appeal. I used to watch my grandpa with horror whilst he ate it.

I think we got our fat content though from the other goodies.

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