Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Devon's First Clandestine Cake Club - 26 Jan 2012

The first ever meeting of the Devon Clandestine Cake Club will take place on Thursday 26 January 2012.  All cake bakers are welcome to attend, be they home bakers, novices, domestic gods / goddesses or professional patisserie chefs.  The only entrance ticket is .....a homemade cake.
It's a craze that's sweeping the UK thanks to this website.  The UK is really keen on baking (and more importantly eating) homemade cakes and this club provides the perfect opportunity.

The Cake Club holds slightly secretive events.  To make it more fun, final details are only revealed at the last minute to members.  Everyone gets to try everyone else’s cake and bring pieces home too.  
The Devon branch of this free-to-join club has just been set up and is holding its first ever get together on Thursday 26 January 7 - 9pm at a secret, very special location in Kentisbeare (near Exeter and Cullompton).  We are really grateful to a local Devon food producer who is kindly lending us the venue for the evening.  I know it will be a perfect setting.
As a Devon food blogger, I’m a big fan of our local produce so expect seasonal cakes with lots of local ingredients from me.  The theme for the first event is 'Devilishly Devon' so I am bringing along a Devonshire Clotted Cream Cake, which I hope will be truly rich and scrumptious.
Each  event will be held somewhere different as we Devon folk have wide-open patches of field between us!
Ideas for future cake-friendly venue are welcome; otherwise we shall search out a friendly pub landlord or cafe owner.  

The full details of the event and an RSVP form if you would like to come along are here


Choclette said...

Sounds fantastic - feeling really envious. Haven't managed to make to the Cornish one yet as the meetings have so far been midweek and during working day. But one day, I hope to make it. Good local start :)

Lauren said...

This is a really wonderful idea. I have been looking for a baking club to join in the Exeter area for a while now. Its a shame I wont be able to attend your first meeting. I'll have to keep my eyes out for future date and locations of your get togethers :)

Grazing Kate said...

Hi Choclette and Lauren, I agree the Cake Club is a great idea and really can't wait to meet everyone on Thursday - there will be 8 of us which is a good number. I'm also greedily thinking that an eighth of each cake should be about right - nice and easy to slice too! The Cornish one tomorrow themed 'January Re-tox' looks quite incredible - about 20 attendees and quite wild sounding cakes. I guess 10:30am is bit tricky for full time workers.

Lauren, I have tweeted you but the best thing to do to stay in touch with future Devon CCCs is go to bit.ly/rsyyF0 sign up on main page, and then join the Devon group.

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